With a revolutionary advance in design technology, BMC rapidly accelerated traditional R&D and engineering processes, creating 34’000 computer-generated prototypes before the breath-taking final result, the new teammachine SLR01. It is the successor to the Tour de France and World Champion’s bikes of 2011 and 2012.

Whoever rides the SLR01 will at once understand why it redefines the concept of acceleration. It is the lightest bike in the BMC line-up with the proven SLR01 geometry, which provides excellent agility, maximum control, and sure-footed confidence on the fastest descents and the most technical corners.

Additionally, it is built on the Tuned Compliance Concept (TCC), which optimizes carbon-fiber lay-up and tube shapes so the bike can resist rider-actuated forces, while at the same time giving in to road forces.

Engineered for Excitement

Our test procedure allows us to test our frames with great precision and under laboratory conditions. But real life happens outside the lab. That's why our professional athletes are just as important for our product development work. They ride and push our bikes to the absolute limit. And they have an unfailing instinct for optimum frame design.

It's how we obtain valuable feedback and are able to actively and systematically generate data on our products under endurance testing. This procedure provides insights that no laboratory in the world can deliver. Because what really counts in the end is how it feels in the saddle.